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Moritz and the Machine




Keyboard and mouse




Rotzbuab (austr. for “snot boy”, alternatives include ‘louse boy’, ‘lout’, and ‘nuisance’, meaning: juvenile misbehaver) is not a game—it’s an experience. Become the neighborhood’s snotty-nosed brat—revel in the power of a small boy wielding a carton of eggs, bottles and cans.

Watch all the grown-ups quiver in fear as you approach, riding your dreaded tricycle. Crash! Boom! Just make sure you look Cool while vandalizing; you would not want to look uncool doing all this…

The developers have cruelly abandoned this game due to a severe lack of time. There currently is no implemented win condition, so if you reach maximum swag, count yourself a winner!

Moritz and the Machine

Team Members

Mia Cain

Hannah Höll