The game must be completed during the Game Jam—no aspects of production may be performed beforehand.
Participants should respectful to each other—please try to be as quiet as possible in the development spaces. Breaks, meetings and other activities should be taken to one of the other rooms.
The game must be related to the topic provided.
The game has to be interactive. Submissions that are only tech-demos or animations will be excluded from the competition. All projects must be playable; however, alternative concepts such as artgames are permitted.
All the technologies used in the development of the game must be declared at the end of the Game Jam (for documentation purposes).
There are no restrictions regarding available technologies. However, the finished game must run on a Windows machine. If you want to do a mobile game, please contact the organizers.
Mods (modifications) of existing games are not permitted, but you may develop your own game using a variety of game engines.
The use of assets (models, textures, etc.) that are delivered with a game engine is permitted, although it is encouraged to create them during the game jam. The use of pre-built assets has to be openly declared and is communicated to the jury.
The game must be finished by the appointed deadline (usually Sunday, 9:30 pm).
The game will then be put online on this very page for everyone to download and play. A jury will play and rate the games to determine the winning team.