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The Fire Breathing Penguins




Mouse and keyboard



Power Switch

A giant robot has destroyed the city’s centre. The protagonist has to save the day and power off the evil flying robot by pressing its power switch while evading the mechanic deathmachine’s deadly attacks on the way by switching his own powers.

On his way through the devastated city streets, the player must dodge the robot’s deadly color ball projectiles. Those color balls come in three colors:

  • RED – superfast
  • GREEN – able to penetrate through objects
  • BLUE – bounce back from objects

In order to survive, the player can hide behind many scattered objects or use his ability to dodge bullets: If he becomes Red, the player is not affected by Red balls (same for Green and Blue). In addition, he gains a color-specific ability:

  • RED – faster running
  • GREEN – higher jump with air control
  • BLUE – Walljump
The Fire Breathing Penguins

Team Members

Lukas Brunner

Paul Feuerstein

Martina Huber

Thomas Kriz

Erik Thiele