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The annual shepherd dog contest has started in the small village of Kilcastle. You are competing with your faithful soul. Five shepherd dogs will join the competition with you. It is your job to show your talent for shepherding and bring as much sheep into your gate as possible. Steal the opponents sheep if necessary, but beware of the enemy shepherds, they will protect their flock with every means. The winner of the contest will be the dog which collects the most sheep.

This is a quick game based on dexterity and competition. Each player has two keys to control the direction in which the dog is running. The goal is to lure as many sheep into your own gate (marked by color) as possible. The dogs can collect power ups to gain various advantages or disadvantages. You can try stealing sheep from another player’s gate but beware of the shepherd who will hit you, leaving you stunned for some time. Fluffy can be played with 1-6 players (though at least two are recommended), the more players, the more fun.


Team Members

Patrick Brandstätter

Johannes Lechner

Martina Maurer

Marlene Mayr

Christoph Weidlinger