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Scouts & Sandbags




Keyboard and mouse




Valhella is a top-down 2D game about a Viking that gets sent to hell instead of Valhalla and accidentally starts an uprising by convincing prisoners, breaking down doors and dancing with demons.

The game consists of an overworld, where the player can move by using the WASD controls and the mouse for interaction, and three different minigames.


  • Door knockdown: Hit any keys a certain amount of times, depending on difficulty, in a short timeframe (you can hit multiple keys at the same time)
  • Convincing: W/A for moving up and down through the ear canal. Don’t hit anything on your way to achieve a score of 10 and to convince the prisoner successfully
  • Dance Dance Demon Battle: Use the arrow keys to hit the shown arrow at the right time. Get through a short timeframe without making too many mistakes to win.
Scouts & Sandbags

Team Members

Martin Situm

Sebastian Tombor

Michael Winkler